QUILT 21 / 2002
American Art Quilts for the 21st Century
August 11 - October 27, 2001,
Brush Gallery, 256 Market, Lowell, MA 01852


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Photos in this section by Keith E. Martens Photographer,

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Maxine Farkas, listening to Laura Cater-Woods talk about the awards.

Sara Rockinger receiving the Bernina Award for Innovation in Machine Embroidery. Surrounded by extended family.
Julie Upshaw receiving the Husqvarna Award for 2002 from Laura Cater-Woods. Joanie San Chirico receiving the Jurors' Choice award from Maxine Farkas, Jeri Riggs in foreground.

Foreground: Claire Fenton receiving Pfaff Artist Award for Excellence from Laura Cater-Woods. Background: left to right Nancy Hines, Robyn Daniel (uploading some needed caffeine); Marni Goldshlag front right; Angela Moll is behind her.
From left, Claire Fenton, Helene Davis, Julie Upshaw and Joan Ross who did such a good job of designing the exhibition catalogue. Behind Julie is Victoria Montgomery’s Cloth Sketches I: Passé. Denise Linet (right) discussing her piece Abstraction #4 with Nancy Hines.
From left, unknown person in white, Deirdre Scherer, her daughter, Helene Davis and Julie Upshaw with back to camera. Standing in front of Dominie Nash’s Particolare 6. Judy Becker’s Thanks To Elizabeth is in the back ground.
From left Joanie San Chirico, Cathy Kleeman and Lydia Johnston of ProFANE. In front of Sandra L.H. Woock’s Cosmic Matters. From left, Jeri Riggs, unidentified person back to camera, Jill Werner in front of Eliza Brewster’s Window From Tomorrow. Joan Schulze’s the Cloisters
to the right.
Pat Steuert, Director of the NEQM inspecting Carol Taylors Windows.com;Marni Goldshlag on the right.
Visitors looking at Kathy Nida's piece Caught in the Headlights. Cathy Kleeman's Indian Summer is on the far left and Phil Jones' Night Falling is partially obscured by the viewer.
Keith Daniel (Robyn Daniel’s husband) inspecting Joanie San Chirio’s Altar
Fragments IV: Eclipse.
Whistler House Director Michael Lally, Nancy Crasco second from left with other unidentified visitors.
Michele Merges Martens inspecting Lucky’s ‘The Car Handover’ Joan Dreyer and Lori Kruse on improvised seating after dinner on

Joanie San Chirico and Linda Colsh
Marni Goldshlag pointing out something on her piece ‘How Many Words is a Picture Worth’ to Julie Sussman, a friend that Marnie hadn't seen since the early 1960's! Left foreground back . . Julie Upshaw, back to camera, Joanie San Chirico,
Nancy Hines, Helene Davis
Sara Rockinger facing camera (white top and blue skirt.)

Jill Werner and Jeri Riggs examining Julie Upshaw's Worms and Holes I; Lucky and Jimmy's The Car Handover left rear, Dan Olfe's Carribean Sunset
right rear
In the Brush Classroom space. Left to right Corni Forster, Clair Fenton, Nancy Hines, Julie Upshaw, unknown person and Joan Dreyer with back to camera
Photo at left from left to right:
Cathy Kleeman, chin in hand, Claire Fenton fondling fabric, Marni Goldshlag, Julie Upshaw, Joanie San Chirico, Nancy Hines, Robyn Daniel and Maxine Farkas on the floor, with backs facing bottom left Rayna Gillman and left side, Linda Colsh.


Photos in this section courtesy of Beverly Fine.

Linda Colsh, Cathy Kleeman
and Claire Fenton
Robyn Daniel and Rosemary Claus-Gray
Denise Linet and Angela Moll
Sara Rockinger, Julie John Upshaw talking to Nancy Hines Rayna Gillman and Lydia Johnston, one of the organizers of the ProFANE show at the Whistler Linda Colsh, Cathy Kleeman, Jerri Riggs and Laura Cater-Wood
Helene Davis and Joanie San Chirico
Jeri Riggs
Marni Goldshlag
Joan Deuel


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