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Gallery Submissions

All Quiltart subscribers are invited to submit their quilts to the Quiltart Gallery.

Basic Pages include photos of two quilts, two detail shots, artist's statement and/or bio/resume/teaching schedule and link to your personal homepage.

The charges for a gallery page are as follows:

$15 year if images are transmitted electronically
$20 year if images are to be scanned.

Updates during the subscription year are $5 per photo if submitted electronically; $10 per photo if photos/slides are to be scanned.

Links on the Quiltart subscriber link page are free to all subscribers to Quiltart and Quiltart-Digest.

The Quiltart Gallery is a perfect place to show your work and tell the art quilt world about yourself. It's also a good way to advertise your teaching schedules or upcoming shows!

You can always pay via PayPal or you can mail your photos and/or payment to me at: Quiltart Gallery c/o Judy Smith 1702 Lamont St., NW Washington, DC 20010-2602.

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