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Too Tall For The Shelf
63" x 83"



Techniques: Hand dyed and hand painted fabric by the artist, depicting the gears and other clockworks inside the old clock, pieced and fused to give an abstract view of the inner workings of the clock. Couching, appliqué, and free motion stitching (also in the forms of the inner clockworks) complete this rendition to show the many small, tiny gears and such required to make the big clock tick for all of those years.

56" x 67"
Juried into Quilt National 2001


Vibrations is the latest in my “Chinese Gong” motif series.

Each motif is original, individually cut and pieced. A complete circle is formed once the four motifs are joined giving the appearance of a Chinese gong residing within an oriental setting. Striking the gong sets the vibrations in motion from the lightest area echoing outward. While utilizing progressively darkening fabrics, the free motion circular quilting heightens the illusion of sound vibrations throughout the quilt.

Hand-dyed cotton sateen fabrics by Heide Stoll-Weber, Judy Robertson, Regina Goodman, and the artist; machine pieced and free motion quilted with 30 weight rayon threads.

Sound Waves
52 x 43.5
Juror's award at Decorative Math
(currently in Athens, GA)


This is a quilt about contrasts to make the motif stand out, and is complimented by simple grid quilting to show the “sound waves”.



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