Katrina Sjoberg
Art Resume

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“Dawn of A New Day” was inspired by a quotation from the founder of the Baha’I Faith, Baha’u’llah. In his book “Gleanings” he addresses the spiritual nature of human beings; to be connected to an Infinite Being, an Unknowable Essence. Dawn of A New Day is one of the terms used to describe Baha’u’llah.
I machine/hand-embroidered the quotation into the “ocean of My words” and embellished with pearls, “the pearls of wisdom”. Metallic threads were used to reflect the intensity of the new rays of enlightenment. A metallic tulle netting was used to create dimension and texture.
“Dawn of A New Day”  

“Beads & Whiskers” reflects the joy of creating something new, using a new technique and new materials. The joy of discovery how certain colors work together. The joy of seeing a new design take shape. The joy of playing with beads just like I used to as a small child. The joy of finding a pleasing harmony in the use of fabrics, threads, colors, textures, sewing by machine, embellishing by hand. The joy of step by step adding new dimensions by using unusual materials together – in a new way for me.

"Beads & Whiskers"  

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