Barbara Olson

When I took my first quilting class in 1986, I felt like I had come home. Fiber and sewing had always been part of my life and now using fiber within the frame work of quilting, offered a safe and creative way to express myself. BUT!! I could never follow the rules of color within the lines. If the pattern called for five colors, I did ten. Patterns were made to be broken up, added to and expanded I thought, much to the dismay of many of my teachers. With the realization that I could and should create original designed, the world of art quilts opened up to me. So many images, so little time...

My designs and images come within my center and originate and expand out from that center. I have come to understand and honor this personal way of working. Whether your way of working is from the center out or filling in a framework, etc., I feel it is important to honor and explore your own personal way of working.

Vibrant and bright colors are an important energy in my images. I love color, movement and optical illusion. Every quilt I have made has black and white in it. The power/calm interplay of these elements is very important to me. I suppose a few years of psychotherapy could delve deep into these thoughts, but I would rather just continue using the talent I was given and create with joy the images that present themselves.

My time is divided between my family, (three grown children, one dog, two cats and a supportive husband), creating in my studio, teaching and lecturing. My approach to art and philosophy about creativity leads to a dynamic workshop environment that encourages and supports individual exploration/expressions

I know I am on purpose doing what I came here to do and loving it. I am willing to explore and manifest the images that come to me. This journey through the world of fiber, inspiration and interpretations is creating a wonderful life!

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Time Warp
84"w x 60" h




Atlantis: An Ancient Message
78" x 78"

Winner of the "Visions of Tomorrow" category of the Millennium Contest A Quilt for the Year 2000.
Sponsored by the E.E. Schenck/Maywood Studios




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