Tricia McKellar
Fuquay-Varina, NC

I am fascinated by natural patterns, man's machines, and the everyday junk all around us.

In my art, I explore man's dialogue with nature primarily with hand-dyed shibori fabrics and digital imagery to create fiber works and archival inkjet prints.

My shibori is a modern adaptation of traditional Japanese hand-dye methods. Shibori techniques produce patterned fabric with subtle variations. These patterns are natural, organic, complex and somehow, simple.

Digital shiboriI is my process that involves hand-dyeing shibori fabrics, then photographing and digitally altering, sometimes collaging, the digital shibori imagery. After working for a couple of years dyeing shibori and creating digital images to print on silk, it occurred to me that my shibori would be an interesting element in my digital collages. Sometimes these digital shibori collages are printed on silk and quilted, sometimes they are printed with my archival inkjet printer.


© 2006
18"h x 36"w



Bird in Digital Shibori Landscape
@ 2006
18"h x 36"w


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