Laurence Martin
Saskatchewan, Canada



Artist’s statement

I love deep, saturated and contrasted colors!

I am a citizen of both France and Canada and I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. However, my native land is Morocco, Africa, where I grew up and lived for almost 20 years. I’ve come to realize how much this period of my life deeply influenced my perception of colors. When I started to quilt 8 years ago, to my amazement I saw colors and shapes from my childhood surface in my work. Since then, my frantic search for new color schemes to play with has never ceased and I now dye my fabrics, which gives me an even greater sense of freedom.

I am in awe with the process of creation. I never know where it is going to lead me and I love to discover what comes out from this deep place within me.

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"Tribute to Morocco"
40 x 55"
© 2000
I grew up surrounded with ceramic tiles and they have always fascinated me. I started with strips and squares, not having any preconceived idea about the design. It is only close to the end that I realized what I had done! This quilt is in memory of this wonderful country that I love so much.





"My Path to Heaven"
53 x 53"
© 2000
Again, the squares and geometric design just came to me. This was at a time where a deep sense of my own talent and destiny started to surface.

This quilt was juried and selected by the Saskatchewan Craft Council to be in the Dimensions 2001 show that is touring Saskatchewan until spring 2002.





"Freedom #1"
34 x 37 "
© 2001
I experienced such an exhilarating feeling with this quilt probably because I decided I was done with using just squares and straight lines.



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