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I made my first quilt in 1972 while still living in South Africa when a book on traditional English patchwork gelled with my collection of African indigo fabrics. In 1975 I came to Canada with my husband to live in Yellowknife, North West Territories, just 350 miles below the Arctic circle. My precious bundle of African fabrics eased my transition to this frozen land. We also lived in Labrador before settling in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia where we live in an 1850 farmhouse.

I began making small appliquéd landscapes in 1981 and since 1984 have taught across North America, in South Africa, Japan, Germany, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England and have been on the faculty of Houston's International Quilt Festival since 1987. My first book, Beyond the Horizon: Small Appliqué Landscapes C&T, is now out of print. My next book on small landscapes is due to be published by Martingale in 2007.

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Life Line: Displacement
40" x 60"
(collection of Lynne Edwards, UK)

This piece is about my 7 year stay in Newfoundland - a powerful, gloroiusly dramatic landscape. It contains photos on fabric, Skydyes fabric and commercial fabrics. A detail of this quilt appeared on the cover of Patchwork Quilt Tsushin, Japan.

51" x 51"

(Collection of Sally Johnson, Newfoundland)

Silk, taffeta, metallic.
The pattern for this piece was based on a wood block print I made.

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