Kim Hambric
State College, PA


Artist's Statement:

I am a self-taught artist. Quilting has been part of my life for the past 12 years. My love of color and texture has prompted me to work with several types of media: paint, paper and fabric. While I love experimenting and learning from other media, I always return to fabric.

I create to share my love of color with others and for my own enjoyment. Each work conveys a profound message, a fleeting memory, or the simple pleasure of combining colors. My larger pieces may tell an entire story. My smaller pieces are poems.

My quilts and fabric wall hangings are machine sewn. I use commercial printed fabrics and fabrics that I have hand-dyed and stamped using hand-carved stamps. I have recently begun embellishing my fabric pieces with beads.

My art relies primarily on nature for its imagery, with pieces of fabric isolating something found in nature (a leaf, trees, water, insects, flowers). These pieces are brought together differently in each work. Some quilts are given fabric “frames”, others have no borders at all. Nature cannot be easily contained.

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Tribute to Billie, 36” x 26”, (2002)

A tribute to the blues singer Billie Holiday;made from commercial fabric with thick stitching for embellishments

Tribute to Billie, detail

Natural History (left) and October Tapestry (right). Both 27” x 8” (2005)
Some of my newer, smaller pieces; made from hand-dyed, hand-stamped fabric and small beads.

Natural History (detail)


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