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Melissa Craven Fowler is a quilt artist whose work springs from her heart and imagination in an emotionally and spiritually exciting manner. "Producing these works over the last three years has been very exciting and satisfying", says Fowler. Shown here are pieces from her Collage Series, which reflect her wonder at the depth of human experience and mystery. These quilts feature geometric and free-form shapes, many of which recall windows or portals, and are reminiscent of the late paper-cut works of Matisse. The events of September 11, 2001 also contributed to the inspiration for this series:Collages IX (shown here) and X are tower-shaped and represent direct responses to the tragedy.

Melissa's quilts have won both national and local awards over the last decade, notably from the National Quilting Association and the Schweinfurth Art Center. Many of the fabrics in her works are hand painted and/or dyed.

"I was one of those creative kids who 'couldn't draw', but was always drawn to some form of creative expression", Melissa says. She took to the classic needle-arts as a teen, knit throughout the 80's, then began quilting in 1991, recently exploring her unique visions in contemporary fused and quilted wall hangings. Having sold her needle arts since 1986, Melissa enjoys a reputation for fine work in several genres.

As an art form, quilting not only satisfies her creative thirsts, but also provides a place of retreat, mystery, spontaneity, and healing. "My life's challenges have, naturally, found expression in the work: the act of fragmenting fabrics and reuniting them symbolizes soul wounds and the search for emotional and spiritual wholeness."

Rocketted Into  The Fourth Dimension of Existence

Collage 1: Rocketted Into The Fourth Dimension of Existence
© 2000
41"w x 51"h
(In private collection
( detail )

Collage 3: Windows Of Opportunity
© 2000
26 "h x 41"w
(In Private Collection)

Collage 9: Tower In The Sky
© 2002
45"h x 20"w
Judge's Choice Award, Schweinfurth Art Center 2002 Quilts = Art = Quilts
(In Private Collection)


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