Claire Fenton

Artist's Statement: My work explores concepts, relationships, and events in
my life through the use of color, space and rhythm. The infinite possibility of
playing withcolor excites me and is often the focal point in my work. Vertical
lines also hold an attraction for me. They portray a sense of strength, constancy, and time. The rows of vertical lines in fences and standing stones
are a particular inspiration to me right now.

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16 weeks: waiting for spring
© 2002
20" x 31"

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16 pieces from a series of weekly 4"x 6" quiltlets i've made during 2002. I started doing them as a way of keeping my hand in fabric during school semesters when other projects take all my time. they are sewn on a grid of organaza ribbon. most use my hand dyed/painted fabrics, all are fused; some are embellished.


Fences 9
© 2002

Painted, dyed, and commercial fabrics, fused as individual segments then pieced together; machine quilted, embellished with decorative yarns and threads. Series of fences set against landscapes with a focus on negative space. Exhibited at Quilt 21/2002; Pfaff Artist's Award for Excellence.

Fragments 2
© 2002
26" x 24"

Fiber collage: painted, dyed and commercial fabrics sewn onto a painted canvas background. embellished with beads, ribbon, found objects, raku, copper. hand sewn, machine and hand quilted.



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