Jean Ann Fausser

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13" x 10"

Fecundity and Ice Storm are the first two of a planned series depicting different seasons. They are each 13" wide by 10" high. Fecundity is the

Ice Storm
13" x 10"

overabundant ripeness of high summer. It has painted tyvek, beads, yarn and hand dyed gauze on a hand dyed fabric background. There is hand and machine stitching as well as the bead embroidery.

Ice Storm with all its glitter represents an icy winter storm. It has a hand-dyed background with some hand painted fabric as well as some sheer fabric with a metallic sheen. The pieces are glued on and there is some silver foil on the surface. It is embellished with crystal and silver beads and hand stitched with metallic threads.

42" x 29"
Star Caster and Dreamer were special orders for baby nurseries. Each of the pieces are fused, then hand and machine quilted and they have colored pencil and paint on the surface as well as beads and sequins. They are each approximately 29"
Star Caster
42" x 29"
high x 42 "wide. I drew the face of the star fairy with colored pencil using the face of the baby's mother as a model.

Dreamer depicts a little boy dreaming, his quilt turning into fields and a river and the pillow into clouds, complete with a castle and a zebra jumping over the moon. I always put frogs in the nursery pieces for little boys. My own sons were always bringing frogs and tadpoles home and I grew rather fond of them.

Soft Rock 58.5

Soft Rock 58.5 is composed of invidual rocks which are highly textured with tyvek, sand, beads and embossing ink. The rocks are held together with yarn ties and the water ribbons are tacked to the rocks.There is some Xpandaprint applied and painted in several areas of the water ribbon to suggest foam.

The piece is hung with a piece of plexiglass cut to the shape of the top and extending down about 4 inches. I used plexiglass spacers to hold it away from the wall about 1 1/2 inches so that there are interesting shadows cast when light shines through it.








Seaweed is comprised of layers cut into and woven over and under to give the effect of a painterly technique. The embroidery is also done in places like brush strokes and the colors are used to embed the objects into the background. Finally more texture was added by using french knots to quilt/tie the layers together. There are also some chenille piece which are couched onto the surface. The back was sewn to the front like an envelope and then turned inside out and stitched closed at the opening so that there is no binding at all.

She's Come Undone is a progression from the infancy of the woman through the full bloom of young adulthood and finally I've phototransferred the image of her at an advances age onto cheesecloth which has been unraveled denoting not just the failing mental condition but the fragility of age in general. The hands are quilted with some foil applied and the photos have been transferred on to silk and cheesecloth. It is approximately 14 inches wide by 18 inches long and 9 1/2 inches deep



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