Fabled Fibers: A Quiltart.com challenge to create a collection of tales, in art quilt form, for children of all ages.      Ann Flaherty, Host                               

Show construction is a work in progress. Please Visit this page often, as we will be linking new Fabled Fibers entries each week until are all on display.

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Fabled Fibers Challenge

Long ago,
And far away,
Or maybe they just
Arrived today.

In tiny whispers,
And giant shouts,
They let us know
What life’s about.

A childlike muse,
Hidden deep within,
Tells tales of feather,
Fur and fin.

With kings and queens,
Heroes and fairies,
Or warriors and pirates,
And the treasure they bury.

Children playing and running
Up hills and then down,
Some with Mother Goose,
Others just went to town.

Enlightening rhymes,
Limericks and prose,
Or just great words,
Like Big, Wood and Nose.

Renew their color,
Awaken their texture,
Bring them to life,
In a grand fiber picture.

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