Fabled Fiber Participants

(Click on the fable title to see each quilt.)

1.  Adventures of the Cat/Scarlett Rose
2.  Aladdin/Heidi Stegehuis
3.  Aladdin and His Lamp/Cindy Sisler Simms
4.  Baba Yaga and Vasalisa/Pat Dolan
5.  Belling The Cat/Helen Anne Lemke
6.  Blue Rose/Susan Brittingham
7.  Captain Cosmo’s Dreamship/Terri Paris
8.  Cinderella/Janice Simpson
9.  Cinderella/Mary Louise Smith
10. Deirdre of the Sorrows/Deirdre Abbots
11. Eggstra: The Story Before Peter Rabbit Lost His Buttons/Sylvia Weir
12. Hansel and Gretel/Ritz Cruz
13. Ladybug Day/Michelle Verbeeck
14. Lily the Llama/Kathy Lichtendahl
15. Little Red Riding Hood/Tanesha Nurse
16. Little Snow White/Lauren Fureymoore
17. Medusa/Meena Schaldenbrand
18. Myth In The Mist/Ruth Powers
19. Pandora’s Box/Cathy Vigor
20. Pecos Bill/Barb Pozek (waiting on images)
21. Pegasus and Bellerphon/Adri de Vries Tadema
22. Princess Moonbeam/Wil Opio Ugata
23. Princess on the Glass Hill/ Julie Zaccone Stiller
24. Raven Brings Light to the World/Ruth Powers
25. Rumpelstiltzkin/Sarah Correa
26. Sally Sells Sea Shells/Rebecca Reasons-Edwards
27. Sleeping Beauty/Julie Everett
28. Summer in a Jar/Sherry Boram
29. Teeny Tiny Acrobats/Sonia Callahan
30. The Boy and The Dragon/Sarah Ann Smith
31. The Butterflys Friend/PeggySue O. King
32. The Dog and The Hare/Priscilla Stultz
33. The Easter Fires/Marilyn Davis
34. The Emperors New Clothes/Rachelly Rogel
35. The Frog Prince/Laurie Dhandapani
36. The Lady Who Lived in a Shoe/ Klara Schafler-Landesberg
37. The Legend of the Coqui/Allison Brown-Cestero
38. The Little Match Girl/Annie Copeland
39. The Little Mermaid/Sue Lemmo
40. The Lonely Fairy/Anne Clough
41. The Magic Veil/Sonia Callahan
42. The Nightingale/Jan Johnson
43. The Nutcracker/Ginger Henkel
44. The Selfish Giant/Lynne Croswell
45. The Tortoise and The Hare/Chris Predd
46. Three Little Pigs/Don Lusk
47. Thumbelina/Tina Marie Rey
48. Treasure Island/Jeanelle McCall
49. Why Heron Eat Fish and Hummingbirds Eat Nectar/Jenny Williams