Marijke de Boer
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Space Age

Space Age (left)
150 cm x 150 cm
Autumn, 2000

Marijke, who lives in a farmhouse in the northern part of the Netherlands, has been quilting since 1992.

Space Age (at left) is a combination of the watercolor quilt technique, along with other techniques. She made the big circle with 9 degree templates of paper. The smaller elements are wedding rings, also sewn on paper. Marijke chose the name "Space Age" as the rings reminded her of galaxies and spacecraft.

Waterworld (right)
70 cm x 125 cm
Autumn, 2000

Waterworld (right), was made with freezer paper templates with many hand-dyed fabrics and prics. The effect that Marijke was striving for was to see light between underwater rocks.

Photos of Marijke's work in progress on this quilt.

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