America from the Heart : Quilters Remember September 11, 2001
(To be released June 15, 2002, but you can preorder it now)
by Karey Bresenhan (Editor)
C & T Publishing
ISBN: 1571201459

In the days following September 11, 2001, as the quilters on Quiltart discussed how they were working through their grief with their quilts, Karey Bresenhan, the Director of the Internatonal Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival held each year in Houstin, TX, proposed a spontaneous challenge with the theme America from the Heart to the subscribers of Quiltart, along with other online quilters. With only six weeks until Karey's International Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX and with no rules and no jurying, Karey's challenge promised that all quilts made would be shown in Houston. Expecting only 50 or so quilts, 300 quilts arrived in Houston in time for the show! The results are shown in this beautifully moving book.

C&T Publishing and Quilts, Inc. have collaborated to bring you this beautiful book and have pledged that all profits from the book will be donated to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund. These beautiful quilts and the comments from their makers will bring tears to your eyes, because of both the beauty of the quilts and the heartfelt messages they convey.