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Since 1995, Quiltart has brought those who are interested in contemporary art quilts together online to share support and offer inspiration. In these past years, we have proudly grown to be the largest site for contemporary quilters on the Internet.

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While there is no subscription fee for Quiltart, you may make an annual voluntary contribution to help defray expenses for maintaining our list and website. The suggested contribution amount is $15 a yr.

If you would like to participate in Quiltart's Flea Market on the 1st and 15th of each month, click here.

If you would like to have your quilts displayed in the Quiltart Gallery, click here for info about submitting your quilts.

The charges for being included in the Quiltart Gallery are as follows:

$15 year if images are transmitted electronically
$20 year if images are to be scanned.

Updates during the subscription year are $5 per photo if submitted electronically; $10 per photo if photos/slides are to be scanned.

Links on the Quiltart subscriber link page are free to all subscribers to Quiltart and Quiltart-Digest.

You can make your contribution via Visa, Mastercard or American Express by clicking on this link to my WEBSITE SHOPPING CART. This link takes you to my non-Quiltart related online jewelry business, (Any transactions through this shopping cart will appear as on your credit card statement.)


You can pay via PAYPAL, by clicking on the Quiltart image below:

You can also pay by sending a check or money order to:

Judith Smith / Quiltart
4000 Cathedral Avenue, NW, Apt. #644B
Washington, DC 20016

If you mail your payment to me, please be sure to note the email address you have subscribed with along with your real name.

Thanks to all of you for making Quiltart a prominent force in the art quilt world, both on and off line. With your continued support, our presence will continue to grow!

-Judy Smith