A View from a Window

VIEW FROM A WINDOW-- a fiberart challenge

The fiber artists on Quilt Art were invited to develop a piece from a view. The *View* could be determined in one of several ways: a real view from a real window, an embellished view from a real window or a totally imaginary view from an imaginary window.

The only 'rule' was that the piece had to look like a *window* in some way. This was another piece of the creative task.

The artist's statement will explain each 'view'.

I sincerely hope this *challenge* gave each participant a different & exciting 'view' into their unique self!

patsy monk

Kris Bishop
Woodbridge, Virginia USA

I've always wanted to live on a boat and wish that this was the view from my window / porthole.

"Southsea Cruise"
23" x 24"


"View From a Window"
19" x 23"

Machine pieced, machine quilted
100 % Cotton fabrics and batting
Free Motion Quilting


Kathryn Leinbach Brown
Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA

This quilt has four windowpanes that are actual pictures I took outside our house during a major ice storm in the winter of 2003. The pictures were transferred into Print Shop where I added special effects and then printed to an inkjet printer. The quilting follows similar lines as the special effects. Each panel represents the actual "windows" of my life. The top left is clear and focused for those days when I know what is going on and am getting things accomplished. The top right has an effect on the picture of swirls for those days when I'm running around not getting anything done. The bottom left has curvy lines for those days where I'm torn in many different directions, however things do get accomplished (that is my most frequent "window"). The bottom right has cracks in it representing the days that are full of suffering, anguish and death. Fortunately not anywhere near as frequent as the others, but still too often.



Rebecca S. Cox
Merritt Island, Florida USA

"I rest from the long day
Of castles, and vineyards
The wind in my hair
And sun on my face.

I walk to our window and view my one true love
And castles and vineyards And smile."

"Tuscan October "
23" x 27"



"A Window in Wales"
18" x 24"

Susan Duffield
Sidney, British Columbia, Canada

We visited friends in Wales who had reconstructed a cottage in Snowdonia Park in North Wales. The stone walls were 4 feet thick and the windows were deeply set back, framed top and bottom with sheets of slate. The window sill, which was 2 feet deep, was one piece of slate.


Rachelle Gorland
Lancaster, Ohio USA

I love architecture. When I was brainstorming for this project, I kept sketching views looking at a window from the outside versus gazing out from within. I mentioned my quandary to my husband and he responded, "I'm imagining looking out a window at a brick wall." This statement reminded me of my uncle making fun of my dad growing up in their Brooklyn apartment in such a vicinity for trying to grow a plant in their window. Creating the contrast between two very different tenants engaged me.


10.75" W x 20.5" L

Margaret Hunt
South Carolina, USA

Woke up one morning and saw this out my bedroom window- we live on the
banks of the Savannah River. What a sight to wake up to!

Bettie Barnes Kaseguma

I have to confess that this piece emerged from a scrap bag challenge I did with my mother. The only fabric from her scrap bag that I used was the fish fabric. My view in this piece is tranquil but brightly colored and festive. My quilts generally utilize bright fabrics, whimsy and a sense of humor.


"A View to a Gill"
24" x 35.5"

"My Oriole"
26" x 19"

Peggy Keeney
Harbor Springs, MI

We have 4 nesting pair of Orioles...and I see and hear them daily. The window is recessed, and the two strips on the right indicate the window's well.

patsy monk
Parrish, Florida USA

When my daddy died in Texas, Cliff brought me pieces from his rose bush for us to root. Now have them here with us in Florida. Peeking through the kitchen window, I see them ever so patiently growing and blooming. I think of his watchful eyes over me, just like when I was a small child playing in the front yard.

Although he is not physically here to guide me, he is here in spirit.

I honor him in memory as stated by GOD's commandment: Honor Thy Father & Thy Mother & you will have a long life.


"Daddy's Roses In My Kitchen Window"
25" x 25"

mixed fabrics, machine quilted
on cotton batting & 'rod' armature

"A View from a Window"
23" x 24"

Ann Louise Mullard-Pugh
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

The piece was inspired by a blood moon observed in Williamsburg, Virginia a few years ago.


Joanne Raab
Clarkson Valley, Missouri USA


"Tree ar My Window"
12 inches X 15 inches

"Land, Sea and Sky"
29" x 31"

Shirley Jo Rimkus-Falconer
Hillsboro, Oregon USA

Imagine your self up about 60 or more floors in Tokyo, eating the most wonderful meal you ever had, looking out the window at the land, sea and sky, and remembering that night 40 years later. That happened to me.

Debra Roby
Hercules, California, USA

As long as I can remember, I've drawn a unique tree located just right and down from the crest of a hill. It was like nothing I saw growing up in Ohio. When I moved to California, I looked out my back window and saw the my childhood drawing had come to life. Quilt is commercial cotton fabrics, collaged and thread painted

"Dreams made Real"
13" x 11"

"The Scenic Southwest"
15" x 18"

Meena Schaldenbrand
Plymouth, Michigan USA


Medium green Cacti( Fabric and Tyvek , textured with heat gun) Light green Cacti: Tyvek (painted ,textured with heat gun); beading, wiremesh


Linda Schmidt
Dublin, California USA

This quilt is based on a photo taken by Judy Spruitt, one of my quilting students. The photo was of these leaves laying on a skylight, with icy rain all around, and trees above, so my quilt incorporates bits of fabric; photo transferred, burnt-edge silk organza leaves; melted cellophane for raindrops; Angelina fibres and sliver hologram thread. It is 31" x 23", and the binding is a soft green, but it is beaded all around the inside edge, every 1/4".

"Skylight Quilt"
23" x 31"

"Looking on the Inside"
9" x 11"

Kelli Simbirdi
San Carlos, California, USA

The design is based upon the saying "The eyes are the windows to the soul". To create this quilt, I used textile ink on a whole cloth and just drew until it was drawn---and suddenly I realized that it turned out to be a self portrait. After heavily machine quilting the surface, I covered the window with clear plastic and embellished the rest with beads and yarn.




Donna Sinrud
Oakton, VA, USA

These squares were made in a class called Come Play With Me with Diane Hire. They give my window quilt an different look.

"Musical Chairs From Afar "
23" x 23"


Deborah's Challenge Story
19" high by 41" wide

Deborah S. Stein
Weston, Massachusetts, USA

My primary goal is to evoke the feeling of disconnect with the ever-wondrous, ever-changing, natural world during a period of incarceration. One must use the mind's eye to expand upon a partial view glimpsed through a tiny window in a cinderblock wall. This is an interactive quilt that allows one to "get out" by simply lifting each block for a greater view that is embellished on the back of the block, and perhaps an even greater view of one's personal memories.

The secondary goal is to relay the passage of time - a day in the passage from light to dark on a cell wall, a year in the changing of the seasons, all-of-time in the constellations of a night sky. The cells are disconnected from one another and float free in the night's blackness. One corner of the quilt curls up, exposing a field of gold butterflies on the underside.

Materials: Fabric - Wool and silk/rayon brocade, backed and bound in silk dupioni Embellishment - glass and 22 carat gold beads, sequins, wire and silk/rayon threads Spacer material: Cedar Breather (a roofing material)

Constellations from upper left corner clockwise - Serpens, Ursa Major, Virgo, Cepheus, Hercules, Scorpius, Aquila, Camelopardalis, Lepus, Perseus


Julie Zaccone Stiller
Boulder Creek, California USA

The view out my studio window, using the scraps off my worktable.


"Outside In"
8.5"h x 11"w

"View from the Terrace "

Priscilla Stultz
Fairfax, VA USA

I found this picture in a magazine a long time ago. I was waiting for a reason to adapt it to quilting. The view is relaxing and peaceful. A view of water is my favorite vacation spot. It reminded me oa a trip that we took to the mountains. Machine appliquéd and quilted, thread painted, hand dyed fabrics.

Del Thomas
San Diego, California USA

Looking forward, looking back. I have reached an age when I realize my time is limited and I seem to be looking back at what has been important in my life. And I wonder which of these important things will remain so for the rest of my years. I think those that are depicted in these windows will have continued value in the coming years.



"Life Views"
29" x 29"

Techniques: Fused, machine quilted
Materials: Hand-dyed cotton fabric from Eccentrix,
San Diego, CA. Cotton batting, cotton thread.

"View from a Window"
34” x 38“


Petra Voegtle
Munich, Germany

"View from a Window" is the view from the outside to the inside. Buddha sitting in the center,, symbolizes the harmony we are all striving for and dominates the wild pattern around him which stands for the chaos of our thoughts.

Made from 4 layers to create some 3-D effect. The first 2 layers are made from silk, the first machine embroidered, handcut and painted, the second handquilted and painted.


Brenda Wheaton
Winchester, Virginia USA

I grew up in an apartment in Brooklyn. My mother was a bride in that apartment and 57 years later we moved her out. We lived on the ground floor and the living room windows faced a small garden where irises grew every year during my childhood.

Windows Of My Mind reflects my memories of that garden. It uses hand-dyed fabrics, which were machine pieced, machine Sashiko quilting, and hand beading. This is my first art quilt.

"Windows of My Mind"
21" x 20"


"Just Another Window..."


Bozena Wojtaszek
Lodz, Poland

Windows are "my thing". I make them quite often (this the 7th). They are perfect opportunity to create my very own piece of reality. This window was made especially for the Challenge. My "challenge" in it was to capture the moment of a very early spring, to cath a nature in the awakening stage. Inspiration came out of my bedroom window. I was studying little changes brought to a view of my park every spring's day.


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