Dictionaries usually give three definitions for "weird":

1. of, relating to, caused by or suggestive of witchcraft or the supernatural: MAGICAL
2. of strange or extraordinary character : ODD, FANTASTIC
3. (archaic) of or relating to fate or the Fates.

This page presents some answers to the question: What is "weird"?
The challenge - hosted by Monika Lehner: Make a "weird" quilt, one that shows _your_ definition of weird.

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Girls Just Want
To Have Fun

Rhonda Blasingame


Commercial cottons, beaded, embellishments of keys, springs, jewelry, sequins and buttons.

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Road to Algodones


Sherry Boram
Pendleton, IN

16" wide x 30" long

We spend winters in Arizona and last winter I had several dental procedures done in Los Algodones, the dental capital of Mexico. It occurred to me that the subject would be weird for a quilt, so I retrieved the plaster mold of my teeth to paint and use as an embellishment.
Spanish Trident gum packages are also relics of my dental forays. Other embellishments are teeth sections of zippers, beads, laser embossed plastic, and florescent nylon twine. Dental floss is used for stitching and to secure the toothbrushes. Weird!

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Frozen Fall

Frances Caple
Isle of Lewis, Scotland

21" x 7" (54cm x 18cm)

In March 1994 I took a walk at Jasper, Canada along the bottom of a deep gorge to see the frozen waterfalls from the bottom, about a year later at an experimental techniques class one of the techniques made me think of the frozen falls and I thought I could use it to make a frozen fall art work, this quilt is the result, the material is weird and to me a frozen waterfall is weird, where I live a frozen puddle is rare.

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Frozen Fall
the dance

"the dance"

Karylee Doubiago
Adams, MA

16" wide X 26" tall

For the weird quilt challange i decided to use non-traditional materials as
the base of the quilt. The quilt is made up of cotton, burlap, silver
polish cloth, wool, beads, knitted fabrics and yarns. It turned out better
than i expected although i dont think burlap will be one of my fabrics of
choice for a while!

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Strange Sisters

Lisa Kijak
Los Angeles, CA

12" x 19"

Cotton, silk, velvet, tweed, wood, wire, sticks, stones. Text from Journey to a Woman by Ann Bannon.

Odd. Strange. Troubled. Twisted. Nowhere were those words more readily used than on the covers of the lesbian pulp fiction novels of the 1950's.
The titles suggested that the provocatively dressed women on the covers were social outcasts, beyond reprieve. And while many of these novels ultimately ended with the girl getting married, committing suicide, or otherwise rejecting the lesbian "lifestyle", these books impacted an audience that had previously been isolated and ignored.
Thanks to the important writings of Ann Bannon, Vin Packer, and Patricia Highsmith, women from all over recognized themselves in print for the first time and realized that they were not alone in their thoughts and feelings.
Their characters were brave, passionate, smart, honest, and true...and not the
least bit strange after all.

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Strange Sisters
Save the gentlemen


Klara Schafler-Landesberg
Kiryat-Chaim, Haifa, Israel

21" wide x 31" high

SAVE THE GENTLEMEN-AN ENDANGERED SPECIES , today they are almost nonexistence WHERE HAVE THEY ALL GONE??????? Lost in space and buried in modern technology, I used hand dyed hemp, tweed, found objects, computer debris, fused appliqué, hand stitching and machine quilted.

Completed 2005–08–12

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“The Adventures of Stretch Mark Susie vs. Boob Job Bambi and Collagen Cathy”

Sue Lemmo


Materials: commercial fabrics, acrylic paint, Shiva oil stick, hand dyed wool

Artist Statement

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The Adventures of Stretch Mark Susie vs. Boob Job Bambi and Collagen Cathy
Vincent Redux

"Vincent Redux"

Linda Teddlie Minton
Houston, Texas

16" x 25"

I've been playing with Tyvek, sheer fabrics, and crystals, and "Vincent Redux" is the result. The plain white Tyvek was pre-washed to soften and wrinkle, hand-painted, then machine quilted and heated to bubble the Tyvek. Lastly, it was embellished with hand-dyed cheesecloth, metallic beads, and Swarovski crystals. The piece is finished with hand-dyed bias-cut cotton binding, to accomodate the curved edges. A very fun and educational project!

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"Where Did You Come From, Where Did You Go?"

Scott Murkin
Asheboro, NC USA

33" x 38"

My abstract works typically have both layers of construction and layers of meaning, often not telling me what they are "about" until well into the creative process. This piece turned out to be about growing up "different", something to which many creative people can relate. It also tells of the interaction between our child selves and our adult selves, and how the two are inextricably linked. We have to learn to work with that, rather than deny or suppress it.

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Where Did You Come From, Where Did You Go?


Ann Louise Mullard Pugh
Las Vegas NV USA

Sculpture, 18" tall

Wire wrapped in fabric. Fastened with paperclips and binder clips. embelished
with broken jewlery and other odd pieces that I accumulated for no good
reason at all....just thought they might come in handy someday!

The soft sculpture doll was made by Sandy Low and Meg Low some years ago as a weird Christmas ornament...
I embellished it.

Some days you just feel like you are out on a limb....stop and have some
popcorn and contimplate the world from another angle......

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Transparent Metal Star “Quilt”

Meena Schaldenbrand
Plymouth, MI

8 1/2” X 11”

Top :
Aluminum Wireform background, Aluminum Windowscreen doors,
Fiberglass Windowscreen Star, beads, lace and trims. Brass Wireform star center & metal fringe.

    Border 1:
    Brass Wiremesh, Hardware Cloth

    Border 2:
    Copper Wiremesh, Gutterguard,

Batting :
Fiberglass Windowscreen.

Aluminum Windowscreen.


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Transparent Metal Star Quilt
No Smoking!


Janice Simpson
Marquette, Mi

35wideX31 long

When my brother-in-law Tom told me of his adventure trying to quit smoking by hypnotism.....I knew this would be my weird quilt. I first drew a sketch..and began to gather fabrics. As I put the quilt together some parts were really weird...especially Tom's large head with black smoke and fire and the weird nose ...Well, this is a weird challenge!! You know the routine..the hypnotist holding a pocket watch suggested relaxing ...touch your head, shoulders, knees, toes and a white cloud will appear over your head. WRONG!!
Tom began to sweat and a black cloud with flames appeared and Tom passed out!! ( his chair is empty). The HYPNOTIST YELLED......GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!! YES....TOM STILL SMOKES!!!

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Woven Leaf

Donna Sinrud
Oakton, VA, USA

40" x 39"

This quilt was made using hand dyed and discharged fabric, commercial fabric and tree branches.

I have made woven quilts before but thought it would be fun to try to weave using sticks as some of the support. This quilt is a challenge to transport but interesting to look at.

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Woven Leaf
Party Time


Priscilla Stultz
Fairfax, VA

16W X 25L

Partytime is made from beer bottlecaps that my son in law collected for me several years ago. I wanted to make a quilt using them and weird quilt challenge gave me the chance. Each cap is stitched to the sandwiched quilt with varigated thread and a bead was added in between the caps. The quilt is heavy, but pleasing to the eye. What fun!

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Griselda, Green Around the Gills

Ann Turley

My weird quilt originally was to be a submission for Quilting Art's Faces. challenge. When I finished it I declared it to be the weirdest thing I have ever created! I call it "Griselda, Green Around the Gills".
Griselda has just returned from a fishing trip where she fell overboard. Her hair is filled with sea foam, sea weed, fish, and other assorted objects.

I super-heated chiffon to create the sea foam.

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Cathy Vigor

20" x 16"

The materials used are: copper mesh, aluminum screening, copper and aluminum tooling foil, copper wire, fabric netting, vintage potato sack fabric, metallic thread, glass and metal beads, pigment dyes, and black patina. I've named the piece "Wired"
which is a rearrangement of "Weird". I choose the traditional quilt format of a 9 patch using "weird" materials.

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Julie Zaccone Stiller
Boulder Creek, CA

Weird in this case is the shape, the materials, the message. I always found it weird that the labels that arrive sewn into the seams of our pillows, mattresses and other stuffed items don't always get removed by we consumers. We read the "Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law" line, and read no further. Instead we put up with scratchy, sharp, noisy labels under our ears and hope for them to eventually soften up with washing. Pay attention and read the whole thing, there are NO mattress police that will swoop in and nab you if you cut that tag off. Really.

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