Nancy Schlegel
Castleton NY

"House of Cards (Built on Sand)"
31" x 38"

I had been collecting the fake credit cards that came in the mail for several years with this quilt in mind. I see the credit card as a symbol of our country's overwhelming emphasis on consumerism that can easily ruin people with the debt and interest payments. Both the expressions "house of cards" and "built on sand" convey the shakiness of a house or life built on that foundation.

I decided not to use the fake credit cards, worrying about trademark problems. So I designed my own cards from the "Debtors Bank of America", the "Watered Down Bank', the "Locked Out Bank", and the "Hard as Stone Bank". These were printed onto paper and glued to the fabric with gel medium. All the consumer goods inside the house were cut out of advertisements (avoiding any brand names) and also glued down with gel medium. The whole quilt was covered with tulle and then machine quilted.

The quilt makes the statement I wanted, but as an art piece, I am not totally satisfied with it though.

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