PeggySue O. King
Olympia, Washington

Blue Labyrinth – Symbols of Faith
 24.5” X 24.5”

Machine quilted, discharged cotton, bias tape

While contemplating what symbols there are in ‘my’ culture and how I would represent them I became aware that the Pentacle had been accepted as an approved marker for Military headstones. This was the result of many months of effort and energy on numerous people’s part! To reflect my acceptance as an approved “Faith” I went about determining which other symbols are allowed. There are a total of 39 (two are restricted by copy right and do not appear in my work) and they are varied and interesting! I made 37 stencils, one for each religious symbol. I went about creating a variety of discharged fabrics with these images. The bias labyrinth represents to me that we are all on a personal journey of Faith.


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