Monique Gilbert-Oversteyns
Bierbeek, Belgium

Size: horizontal 34 ¾”  x vertical 38”

Materials: cotton, Belgian linen, organza.

Techniques: computer printing, home made bobbin lace, hand appliqué, crazy piecing, machine pieced and quilted.

Statement: a voyage from my birthplace to the big world via symbols. 

  1. I was born in the medieval university city of Leuven.  The little statue “Fons Sapientiae”  symbolizes  the source of wisdom, the  symbol of the eternal student. Since Leuven is also a beer city (Stella Artois), the student pores his wisdom in his head.  I covered “Fonske” with the gothic arches of our famous town hall.
  2. Leuven is in Flanders, famous for his bobbin lace and linen.
  3. Flanders is in Belgium, famous for the best chips in paper cone.
  4. Belgium is in Europe. Technical design of the European currency euro.
  5. Europe is in the world.  The quilting lines are the degrees of latitude and longitude on the globe.
  6. The world is becoming crazy (blocks).

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