In the Moment
12.5" round

My quilt celebrates the lessons I have learned about staying alert, staying present, and being in the moment. Like the Girl Scout merit badges I earned as a girl, this one has an unfinished edge that is to be turned down as the badge is sewn to a badge sash. It’s a little large for that and I really don’t want to wear it, but I will keep it where I can look at it to remind me that finally…."I am here"!


Sherry Boram
Pendleton, Indiana, USA

Our Family Badges
33 1/2" x 37"

This quilt is a summary of our family's involvement with the scouting movement When we lived in Australia our son was involved in Cub Scouts,and our daughter was in the Girl Guide -Brownie movement. Since they needed leaders for the pack, I became an assistant Brownie leader named Tawny Owl. When we lived in England I became a Brown Owl. When we returned to the US. the kids did their scouting here.Our youngest daughter became a Campfire Girl.This quilt is summary of all the merits we enjoyed as a result of both giving and receiving from our involvement.The badges and uniforms represent 3 continents and the  badge achievements of our 4 children. Two of my leader hats are also on the quilt.


Sonia M. Callahan
Piedmont, California, US

Living With Grandsons
8-1/2" x 11"

Fabric: scanned objects backed with hand dyed fabric scanned on computer

Living with Grandsons was earned when our daughter and her 4 sons (ages 5 to 15) moved in with us for five months. We love them all dearly but it is a challenge to have all of us in our small house. My most vivid memory is the youngest and his toy cars - everywhere.


Sue Riddick
Tulia, Texas, US

No More Tax Returns
8 1/2 x 11 inches

Copies of some US Income Tax Forms were shrunk and the edges burned, then scanned and printed on hand dyed fabric.

No More Tax Returns came after surviving our tax season last spring - as a Certified Public Accounting in public practice.  After months of 12 hour days, "burning the midnight oil", I really wanted to burn and ban taxes.




Sue Riddick
Tulia, Texas, USA

Better Living Through Chemistry
8-1/2" x 11"

Fabric: scanned using objects and then embellished with yarns and rayon thread Better Living Through Chemistry is a merit badge I would award myself for successfully (for now) navigating the wilds of balancing medications. The colors and textures appeal to me while the sheer quantity of one day's necessities appalls me.


Sue Riddick
Tulia, Texas, USA


Mandala of Womanhood
25" x 25"

A mandala is a round symbol encircling the center , in this case the YIN-YANG the center of universe. My mandala  is a septagram.  

The septagram or seven-pointed star is a symbol of synthesis and the mystical due to its links with the number seven. Seven is an integrating number, encapsulating as it does the hierarchical orders of classical mystical thought. There are seven planetary spheres governed by the seven planets of classical astrology, seven colors in the rainbow, seven days of the week seven distinct notes in a diatonic musical scale and seven colours of the chakras  each  with a different meaning :


ALL the mentioned qualities are hidden in women

Klara Schafler- Landesberg
Haifa -Israel

Merits of Bombs?
November 2005
22"x 26"

Twenty six countries have been bombed by the USA since 1945.

detail 1 / detail 2

Meena Schaldenbrand
Plymouth, Michigan, US

Accepting Myself

For much of my life, I've felt like a fish in a forest. I never quite fit in. Finally, I realize it's perfectly all right to be a fish in a forest and I accept myself and my differences from other people. When I made this quilt, I couldn't figure out what to put on the head of the fish. Then I got a surprise package in the mail. A good friend had bought me some beads while she was in Mexico. The beads coordinated perfectly with the fish.



Deb Thuman
Las Cruces, New Mexico, US