May 2007
Challenge Hostess: Julie Everett
Theme: One Fabric
The challenge of this project is you are only permitted to use one fabric to create your quilt! What you do with that fabric is up to you.

Betty Donahue
Wethersfield, Connecticut

Second Chance
15-1/" x 14-1/2"


This was made by liquifying a picture of  a wall hanging of a basket of flowers. It was photo transferred four times, sewed together and then I stippled, doodled, and thread painted it.


Cherie Brown
Del Mar, California

Aurora Luna

Potato dextrin resist hand dyed crackle fabric; pin tucking with metallic threads; many crystals

Cathy Lewis
Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Self Portrait
12" square

acrylic paints on cotton
Based on one of those quizzes on blogs.  Oriental symbols spell Cathy

Cynthia Ann Morgan
Boulder, Colorado

Wild-haired Party Girls at Sunset
22" x 26"

whole cloth hand dyed fabric

I started with this piece of tie dyed fabric. I saw shadowy figures in the pattern, so I played that up by painting dresses on the figures and a sunset sky with thickened dye. Then I quilted around the figures and the sun.


Jacque Davis
Freeburg, Illinois

The Broken Path
21 x 26”

To use just one piece of cloth, I beaded the fabric with copper colored seed beads to add some shimmer and enhance the shapes. I also used acrylic paint to paint some of the shapes on the surface.

Katie Wilson
Norfolk, Nebraska

Warp and Weft
16" x 15"

one piece of "cotton lame" fabric

I used a fabric with two different colors in the warp and weft. I thought they would be red and blue, but they turned out to be a bright iridescent orange, and a flat dull reddish-purple. I wove some strips and beaded the intersections, and I fringed two rectangles, using the thread pulled from each as embellishment. I quilted it with YLI thread color Madras, using a fairly fluffy poly batting which emphasizes the hills and valleys for more color changes as you look at it from different angles. It was such a fun challenge!


Linda Cline
San Leandro, CA

Coyote Hills Marsh
13" x 8.5"

Cotton, quilted, painted with acrylics

After seeing quilts by Deidre Adams, I decided to make a whole cloth quilt, quilt first, and then paint with acrylic paints. I used a photo I had taken at a local park as the inspiration for this quilt.


Marilyn Rose
Ridgeland, MS

12" square

muslin, Sharpie pens and rubbing alcohol

For the one-fabric challenge, I used sharpie pens to draw on the muslin, then dropped or sprayed rubbing alcohol on the designs, which flowed like watercolors. They are permanent, now that they are dried and heat-set. Then I used my machine to turn the design into flowers and a rainbow. I need to go back and add more embellishments to this before it's complete.


Pat Walsh
Olathe, Kansas

Beaded Lizard
11" x 11"

beads, acrylic paint; plain muslin; rubber stamps; gelatin

I used a gelatin monoprint and encrusted beadwork for this challenge; plain white muslin with acrylic paint. I made the design in the gelatin; applied the paint; and then imprinted the fabric. I also used a small stamp with yellow/gold paint to add a bit more to the design. After the paint dried, I quilted it and then beaded it. I just zig-zagged the edges and mounted it on a fabric covered canvas.

Tobi K. Hoffman
Ashland, MA

Satin Flower
19" x 20"


I had never before gone with a single fabric for a piece.  I began by putting a thick layer of batting between the muslin backing and the satin, then thread-painted to get a three-dimensional effect.  The flower is the same fabric in ruffles, sewn in rosette petals.  The final step was a touch-up with fabric paint to highlight the leaves and the flower.

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