February 2007
Challenge Hostess: Cherie Brown
Theme: Song/Monochromatic Color Study
Design Element: Create dimension using one main color, and one accent color
Accent color is defined as 10% or less of the quilt.

---Choose a song with a color in the title or the lyrics (such as “The Yellow Rose of Texas”).
---Using that color / song as your inspiration, design your quilt using various shades, hues, values, tints and tones as your emphasis.  You may use one complimentary or analogous color as an accent.

A. Carole Grant
British Columbia, Canada

Blue Swans of Winter
10" x 12"

Shimmer polyester for the water and commercial cottons for the rest.

I love blue, and the piece allowed those blues. The music idea was instrumental in the quilting. My step-mother now has this in her hospital room [extended care] and enjoys the comments from those who come to see her.


Cherie Brown
Del Mar, California

Deep Purple

Velvets, metallic (fabric and threads); beads; crystals; tulle; eyelash yarnsWhen the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls And the stars begin to twinkle in the sky...
I had such fun making this little quilt.

Cathy Lewis
Pawtucket, RI

Tangled up in Blue
 8 x 10”


Based on Bob Dylan song


Elizabeth A. Dawson
Albuquerque, NM

Its Not Easy Being Green
12" x 9"

Commercial and handdyed fabric, variegated thread

I was interested in the contrast of the greens with its complementary color red in creating this piece.

Karen Asherman
Saratoga Springs, NY

12" x 12"

One hazy day last winter, the colors of the woods behind my house were all grays and the snow was bright on the ground.  A yellow light on a building in the distance provided the only color in the scene.  The absence of color let me see what had been eluding me about how to depict the structure of the woods and the feeling of being in the woods.  Working in a single color was a new and interesting challenge. 

Katie Wilson
Norfolk, Nebraska

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny
6" x 4"

This is a postcard, just a tiny exercise for the monochromatic challenge. Instead of using the color in the song title as the main color, I used the yellow polka dot bikini as the accent color, 10% or less of the total area.

Lisa A. Albanese
Seattle, Washington

Rhapsody in Blue
22 x 25”

quilting cottons

My piece is Rhapsody in Blue - I was working a background and it transformed itself into this. I didn't add what I had intended to add since I felt it kind of stood on it's own. I can hear the music.


Linda Cline
San Leandro, CA

Blue Moon
14 x 10”

Collaged cotton fabrics, paint

I made a couple more vase quilts after completing the last challenge, each time becoming more spontaneous in my design and construction method. My initial thought for this challenge was to do branches across a full moon.  I tossed that idea in favor of continuing the vases series.  I began with a sketch, and tried to keep the spontaneous look that I achieved with my third Vases quilt. I added transparent fabric paint to the table and shadow to darken them a bit.


Laura West Kong
Loma Linda, CA

It's not easy being green

commercial cotton fabric, fusible web, cotton batting, cotton and invisible thread, one hot-fix Swarovski crystal

This red-toed tree frog was inspired by Kermit the Frog himself.

Sue Andrus
Towanda, PA

Blue Skies

Song used- "Blue Skies", by Point of Grace

This began to make me think differently than usual. I usually am using nature for my inspiration- flowers, gardens, etc., but not songs or books, etc. I like blues and pinks, so needed a song to go along. An
inspirational song, "Blue Skies" popped into my head, It reminds me that even though rain, clouds, dark nights, etc. can get you down, hope in God is like Blue Skies. Some days that is all that gets me through, that there will be hope, joy, and blue skies again. The mountains were taken from the view I have from my home, looking at the Endless Mountains of PA. Shading in the mountains was done with different areas of the same fabric, and coloring over it with pastels in places. The sky looked too choppy, so I added an overly of gathered tulle and some clear beads for the illusion of a bright, new day.

Sylvia Weir
Beaumont, Texas

Gonna Turn my Brown Eyes Blue
9 inches by 12 inches


As a child I always wondered why I had brown eyes while everyone important that I knew had blue eyes---my father, Santa Claus, my grandmother. I constructed this piece from the bottom up starting with the darkest values.

Tobi K. Hoffman
Ashland, MA

Green Grow the Rushes, O!
23 1/2" x 20"

Cottons, Angelina fiber

I originally wanted to focus on blue, but didn't find a song title that inspired me.  However, since my fabric stash is loaded with greens, I only had to select which ones to use.  The Angelina turned out gold instead of the white I thought I wanted for clouds, but fits well enough in this somewhat odd landscape.


Valerie Paige Stiles
San Diego, CA

Raspberry Beret  (a song by Prince).
Size not given

My immediate instinct was to do Purple Rain, but I thought that was too obvious, plus I really need to stop being stuck on purple. Besides pink is my favorite color. I wasn't happy at all with the way this quilt was going. The background fabric was this ugly plain peachy thing that clashed and had no interest. So I got my colored pencils out, colored up some dryer sheets and stuck them on top of the background. It was much better but didn't stand out from the subject enough, so I quilted the heck out of it! I have never quilted anything that much. I found a fancy decorative stitch on the machine and used that to stipple every inch. This made the subject matter jump out, so I decided that the cast shadows should be quilted. I also used colored pencils to help shade the piece, but the hat box and lid gradations are fused fabric.

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