June 2007
Challenge Hostess: Rhonda Blasingame
Theme: Project Runway Challenge
Design Element:    Technique-based Exercise

This month, we're going back to the original inspiration for Gena to have started this group. That's right! A Project Runway style challenge!  Your mission is to use one thing on your quilt that is NOT from a fabric store. Hardware store, grocery store, dollar store, whatever....

Betty Donahue
Wethersfield, CT

Up the Lazy River
19-1/4" x 17-1/2"

Tyvek, tea dyed cheese cloth, upholstery trim, paints, and chiffon.

Painted the back ground with acrylic paints, covered the water with chiffon, and also covered the sand with the cheese cloth.  Dyed upholstery trim was inserted at the bottom of the mountains.  Embellished with beads, buttons, etc.


Cherie Brown
Del Mar, California

Sols Glory

tissue paper; sun printing; fibre etched fabric; dryer lint (clouds); chiffons; iridescent organza; expanda paint; tiny polished pebbles; seashells; mica dust


Cathy Lewis
Pawtucket, RI

Day at the Beach
16 x 20.5"

applique, angelina, hair net, tiny seashells and beach pebbles, mini straw hat and basket, and small wooden beads for floats on net


Cay Denise MacKenzie
San Jose, CA

The Destiny of Flower Children
30-1/2" x 43"

Flowers, ribbon, painted Model Magic, cotton fabric

This project is the response to Challenge #10 from the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge group.  The task was to buy a non-quilt item or items (not to exceed $5.00 in cost) and incorporate the item(s) into a piece.  The non-quilt items in this piece are the velveteen smiley flowers with iridescent petals plus the ribbon used in the soil area.  The velveteen flowers have a cotton print slipcover over the stem and are attached to the background by loops in the same fabric print.  The piece has been machine-pieced and -quilted.


Elizabeth A. Dawson
Albuquerque, NM

Africa Inspirations
12" x 10"

Fabric, handdyed cheesecloth, shark's teeth

I had used shark's teeth from an old necklace on a quilt about a year ago,
and then had to go on the hunt for more! I found a bunch of different
types on e-bay. Some are the fossils, some are the actual teeth. Some
are short, others long. I have white and black. The teeth that I used
on this quilt are the long white variety. I like the extra dimension
they add to the quilts.

Janice Simpson
Marquette Michigan

Tiny Tools
15-½"  x 17-½"

cotton fabrics, twine, tiny metal tools

Using something not from a fabric store but was found in my stash...little metal tools from the dollar store ($1.00). I bought them because they were so cute... what would I ever do with them? Twine ($1.29 ) from a hardware store and only used a small amount couched around the tools.

Karen Asherman
Saratoga Springs, New York

100 Pony Tail Rings
16" x 12.5"

Painted (acrylics) monoprint, elastic ponytail rings, nettings, tulle

The challenge item was a ring holding a colorful selection of elastic ponytail rings.  The colors and the monoprint dictated the design.

Linda Cline
San Leandro, CA

Coffee Cup Sketch
14" x 9"

Cotton, fiberglass window screening, acrylic paint

My intention was to create a quilt with a sketch like quality, with the window screening to depict crosshatching. Some of the screening is painted with white paint to use for the lightest value of grey.


Tobi K. Hoffman
Ashland, MA

34 1/2" X 16 1/2"

Cotton prints, decorative shred, Angelina fiber, tulle

The subject of this piece was determined as soon as I saw the $4.99 bag of "shred" at A.C. Moore!  I did make a couple changes after I originally posted this piece, though, a layer of fine white tulle over the shred to keep it contained, and a new print of water at the waterfall's base, because the ducks I originally had simply did not fit; I glued this on, then sewing on some short green eyelash yard to help it fit in better and assure that I would not be depending solely on the glue for its longevity!

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