This group of fiber artists and art quilters  formed in September 2006 as a result of a discussion on the QuiltArt list about the television show, Project Runway, and the value of working quickly within specified parameters.  The group is issued one challenge per month, with one week to complete a small work.  Challenges attempt to stretch members in their skills and creativity, encourage thinking outside the box, and teach new techniques and concepts.  Challenges are chosen by a different member each month and incorporate color and design concepts, techniques, surface design, embellishments, work within themes, and any other art quilt concepts a member can imagine.   The first year challenges are shown here.
Lisa A. Albanese
Sue Andrus
Karen Asherman
Nancy Balding
Sandra Betts
Rhonda Blasingame
Cheri Brown
Linda Cline
Jacque Davis
Elizabeth A. Dawson
Betty Donahue
Julia Renee Everett
Pat F
Sally K Field
Gena Itschner Flatley
A. Carole Grant
Tobi K. Hoffman
Penny Irwin
Brenda Jennings
Jan Johnson
Rebecca Kaufman
Laura West Kong
Marlene A. Koons
Cathy Lewis
Cay Denise MacKenzie
Cynthia Ann Morgan
Roberta Ranney
Marilyn Rose
Carol Schlegel
Janice Simpson
Valerie Paige Stiles
Ann Turley
Pat Walsh
Sylvia Weir
Wendy Wetzel
Katie Wilson


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