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Textural Rhythms: Quilting the Jazz Tradition (Hardcover)
by Carolyn L. Mazloomi (Author)

Jazz, like quilting, is a woven art form. Both genres produce textural harvests spun from the life fibers of masters of the imagination who create for our contemplation. Quiltmaking, as in jazz, evokes a host of complex rhythms and moods. Some quilt artists listen to jazz music while working on their quilts because the one form of artistic inspiration ignites in the other. When the two forms connect, the creative energy explodes exponentially. Textural Rhythms: Quilting the Jazz Tradition releases both the individual particles and the synergistic power of this explosion. The 83 quilts pictured include traditional, improvisational, and art quilts from some of the countries best known African American quilters. Textural Rhythms: Quilting the Jazz Tradition unite the two most well known, and popular artistic forms in African American culture jazz and quilts. These quilt artists have harnessed in cloth the spirit of jazz, and let us feel, hear, and see jazz music.

Carolyn L. Mazloomi is an artist, author, historian, and curator acknowledged being among the most influential African American quilt historians and quilting artists in America. Widely exhibited in the United States and internationally, her quilts can be found in numerous important museums and corporate collections, such as the Museum of Art and Design (New York City) and the Smithsonian Institution. She has appeared on television shows such as CBS Morning Show, Reading Rainbow, The Today Show, CNN, and has been the subject of several film documentaries. In 1985 she founded the Women of Color Quilters Network which has been a major force in fostering the fiberart works of African American people. She is a frequent consultant for art exhibitions, authors, and historians. Mazloomi is also author of the book Spirits of the Cloth and Threads of Faith. She has been involved in the economic development of women through the arts for over twenty years. A longtime supporter of Quiltart, you can visit her website at:

Quilt Visions 2006 The Art Quilt (Paperback)

by Patti Sevier (Editor)

Quilt Visions 2006 The Art Quilt is the catalog of the 9th juried international exhibition of 43 contemporary art-quilts. The catalog includes 43 full-page color photographs, along with a detail photo and artist statement for each piece that was selected to hang in the Oceanside Museum of Art. The three juror statements are also included. This catalog includes a browseable CD (MAC and PC compatible) that contains high quality images of each quilt.

Creative Quilts: Inspiration, Texture & Stitch
by Sandra Meech

As a sequel to her bestselling Contemporary Quilts, award- winning textile artist Sandra Meech delivers another superlative guide for anyone who’s ever wanted innovative ideas in quilting. Meech’s own work reflects her fascination with the Arctic landscape, but she shows how any needleworker can become an artist, using sketchbooks and journals, and taking inspiration from both commonplace and exotic sources as well as art, architecture, and textiles. The photos of finished projects provide fuel for creativity, the expert instructions show how to turn ideas into reality, and the array of fabulous techniques (surface embellishment, mixed-media, and three-dimensional looks) match the originality of design. Because these quilts deserve to be displayed, tips are provided on how best to showcase the finished item.

Subscribe to Ultimate Possibilities! Unlimited Possibilities Magazine

“Dedicated to the betterment of stand-up machine quilting.” Featured Artists, Spotlight on Teachers, Help from Designers, Product and Book Reviews, Technical Columns, Business Advice and a bit of humor make UP Mag a must read for all machine quilters. Now in full color and increased to six issues per year! Order your subscription directly from the website!

Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project
Karey Patterson Bresenhan

In 2003 Karey Bresenhan, president of Quilts Inc., organized the first ever Journal Quilt Project one of the most popular exhibits ever shown at the International Quilt Festivals. Since then, hundreds of artists from around the world have participated in the Journal Quilt Project every year, making small, 8" x 11.5" quilts every month to explore new techniques, express fresh ideas, and experiment with the myriad of resources available to quilters today. Whether quilters officially participated in the Journal Quilt Project or not, thousands of quilters new and seasoned have been inspired by the Project and are using page-sized quilts as visual journals for self-expression and discovery.

Karey Patterson Bresenhan is the president of Quilts, Inc. and director of the International Quilt Markets and International Quilt Festivals. Karey's business acumen, enthusiasm for quilting, and perseverance helped her create and foster the quilting industry, now worth $2.27 billion a year in the U.S. and involving 21.3 million American quilters. An acknowledged expert on quilt dating, Karey was named to the Quilter's Hall of Fame and is the author or co-author of five quilt reference books and guest curator to many museum exhibitions.

Quilting Arts Magazine Subscription
Quilting Arts covers the latest techniques in art quilting, embellished quilting, wearable arts, mixed media, surface design, and other textile arts. Published quarterly, Quilting Arts quiltart_sponsors guest artists and teachers, and addresses a wide range of skills including surface embroidery, thread painting, stamping, beading, silk ribbon embroidery, and fabric painting.

Quilting Arts Magazine, which has featured work by several Quiltart subscribers on its pages, has won rave reviews from the subscribers of Quiltart and art quilt community.




Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine
From the publishers of Quilting Arts Magazine, this magazine covers types of fiber arts and collage work, including mixed media, assemblage, altered books, art dolls, visual art journals, rubber stamping, creative embroidery, and book arts.

Kaffe Fassett's Museum Quilts: Designs Inspired by the Victoria & Albert Museum
by Kaffe Fassett and Liza Prior Lucy

Past meets present in this dazzling collection of new quilts from design genius Kaffe Fassett. Drawing inspiration from the textile treasures of the Victoria&Albert Museum, London's world-famous decorative art museum, Kaffe has created 23 gorgeous new patchwork designs. Each is a sympathetic interpretation of an antique source, using updated color schemes and contemporary sewing techniques. All the designs are easily accessible to today's quilters.
The patchworks fall into three categories. First come Utility Quilts, employing large, simple patch shapes cut from charming prints. Traditional pieces follow, encompassing popular heritage quilt formats reborn here in fresh, modern colorways. Finally come the irresistible Showpiece Quilts, incorporating appliqué to create breathtaking showstoppers.
Each design has full instructions and easy-to-follow colored piecing diagrams. All the basic techniques are covered, from start to finish, including simple appliqué and quilting methods, and the book is lavishly illustrated throughout with close-ups of each quilt, gorgeous photography on location, and clear color design templates.

Uncommon Threads: Ohio's Art Quilt Revolution
by Gayle A. Pritchard

Ohio’s long quiltmaking heritage prepared the way for the contemporary “pioneer” artists of the 1970s and 1980s, who, through individual vision and dedication, have created a new art form and added a new chapter to quilt history. Uncommon Threads: Ohio’s Art Quilt Revolution reveals for the first time the remarkable role Ohio artists, curators, institutions, and organizations have played in the evolution of today’s international art quilt movement. Against the backdrop of America’s counterculture and civil rights movements, author Gayle A. Pritchard’s compelling narrative threads its way through the emergence of the art quilt, from artists working in isolation to the explosive “big bang” of the first Quilt National and its inevitable reverberations. Pritchard provides a fascinating and personal glimpse into the private world of these unique artists through in-depth interviews, rare photographs, and abundant quilt illustrations. As Uncommon Threads demonstrates, the art quilt movement could not have occurred without Ohio’s unparalleled contribution. Quilt lovers around the world will relish discovering this tale of the uncommon energy, vision, creativity, and devotion to self-expression that truly made a quilt revolution.

Ohio native Gayle A. Pritchard is a fiber artist, curator, lecturer, and teacher. Her public commissions include The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Quilt Project, the Smithsonian Craft Archives in Washington, D.C., and the opening for the Peter B. Lewis building in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Artists Muse: Unlock the Door to Your Creativity
by Betsy Dillard Stroud

The Artist’s Muse: Unlock the Door to Your Creativity is one of the most innovative ideas and concepts about painting on the market. Its contents are dual, for it contains a treasure trove --exceptional articles on creativity accompanied by creative painting challenges, and in addition, the kit contains a creative card game, which will show artists, fledgling or experienced exciting and different ways to express themselves by approaching their subjects "Out of the box." All in all, this package will inspire, provoke, and educate because it presents literally thousands of ways to create individual paintings. And, it combines traditional wisdom and modern approaches from some of the top watermedia artists in America. It’s a winner.

Beading on Fabric: Encyclopedia of Bead Stitch Techniques (Spiral-bound)
by Larkin Jean Van Horn

Textile or fiber artisans can add sparkle and texture to their work with this complete handbook to embellishing with beads. Beginning with a comprehensive look at tools and materials—covering all types of fabrics, threads, needles, and beads—the guide teaches stitches, edging, and fringe, as well as the proper care of beaded fabrics. The focus on technique allows crafters to easily integrate beaded enhancements into any type of existing project, and the experienced instruction covers bead choice, color schemes, and finishing methods for a polished look. With its clear directions and a gallery of sample projects, this workshop-ready book will instruct and inspire.

Order directly from the author for an autographed copy for $21.95 or from Amazon with the link at the left.

The New Creative Artist: A Guide To Developing Your Creative Spirit
by Nita Leland

This updated version of The Creative Artist breathes new life into a popular North Light classic, helping artists reach greater levels of creativity, inspiration and artistic fulfillment. Perfect for fans of the original--and anyone who wants to be more creative--this book includes:

-A fresh, eye-catching design that showcases 50 percent new material
-New instruction to address the creative challenges of today’s artist
-More than 60 fun, fabulous activities for achieving greater creativity
-Artwork in a wide variety of styles and mediums

Practical advice combined with inspiring exercises and insights from other artists make this the ultimate creativity guide!

Free Expression: The Art and Confessions of a Contemporary Quilter
Robbi Joy Eklow

In her first book the irrepressible Robbi, known for her award-winning art quilts and her side-splitting first-person columns in Quilting Arts Magazine, shares her techniques for designing, fusing, and finishing quilts so you, too, can create fiber masterpieces- without an art degree or even knowing how to draw. Her techniques fly in the face of many of the steps of traditional quilt making. The techniques and designs she has chosen are the ones she loves to do and she invites readers to try them, though it may feel like cheating because they are so easy to follow.

Robbi Joy Eklow has been sewing, beading, and playing with fiber since she was a kindergartner getting up early to watch moon launches. For awhile her love of science and math overcame her love of textiles while she earned a degree in engineering from Purdue University. She dyes all of her own fabric for her quilts. Robbi started her first quilt in 1976, during the Great Quilt Revival.

Robbi has written a first-person humor column on her adventures in quilting, Goddess of the Last Minute, for Quilting Arts Magazine since Summer 2002. She teaches internationally and her work has been exhibited in major shows where she occasionally wins ribbons.

American Quiltmaking: 1970 - 2000
Eleanor Levie
This fascinating odyssey through three vital decades in quiltmaking history is lavishly laced with quilt photos and quotes from well-known professionals. The author's journey highlights many of the people, events, and quilts that have brought, and continue to bring, so much pleasure and comfort to quilters' lives. The chapters in this beautiful volume cover the quilting community, the 'fabric explosion,' and the development of piecing, applique, and quilting, rounded out by story quilts, art quilts, and comments on the future of quiltmaking in America. Eleanor Levie, a seasoned quilt book editor, interviewed dozens of quilt teachers, lecturers, judges, authors, and other VIPs to compile this exciting mix of facts, stories, and quilts. It will entertain, enlighten, and inspire quilters for many decades to come. To ensure the accuracy of the information presented, the manuscript was reviewed by a board of professionals, including quilt historian Merikay Waldvogel, who also provided the foreword; quiltmaker, teacher, and historian Gerald Roy; and AQS executive show director, judge, and author Bonnie K. Browning.

Threads of Faith:
Recent Works from The Women of Color Quilters Network

Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi and Dr. Patricia C. Pongracz

Carolyn Mazloomi, a long time subscriber and supporter of Quiltart, once again brings us an stunningly beautiful book with wonderful work from The Women of Color Quilters Network.

A new publication by The Gallery at the American Bible Society accompanies the exhibition Threads of Faith: Recent Works from the Women of Color Quilters Network. Co-curated by Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi and Dr. Patricia Pongracz, this exhibition showcases more than 50 virtuoso examples of quilt making. Created by members of the Women of Color Quilters Network, the works in this exhibition catalog demonstrate how today’s African American artisans are reinvigorating a traditional craft form and developing religious imagery that reflects the contemporaneity of their lives and communities. The unique quilts represent a blending of African and European religious traditions and illustrate a variety of interpretations, styles, uses and techniques. Many display the maker’s delight in experimenting with non-traditional quilting materials, such as shell beads, metal, glass and bone.

he entries in this exhibition catalog are divided into five thematic categories: biblical narratives (Sacred Moments: From Scripture to Cloth), women and family (Bearing Witness), prayers and spiritual mediations (Hope: The Anchor of Our Souls), worship through the arts (Blessed are the Piece Makers), and African American experiences (We Have Come This Far by Faith). The varied individual perceptions of and responses to the role faith plays in the larger world are recorded in the artists’ own words. Their voices reveal the diversity of this particular group of artists – a diversity mirroring the larger African American quilting community.

Spirits of the Cloth :
Contemporary African American Quilts

by Carolyn Mazloomi,
(with preface by Faith Ringgold)
ISBN: 0609600915

Featuring 150 color photographs, "Spirits of the Cloth" is one of the first popular books to showcase the work of contemporary African-American quilters.


Gee's Bend: The Women and Their Quilts
by John Beardsley, William Arnett, Paul Arnett, Jane Livingston, Alvia J. Wardlaw |
Tinwood Media
ISBN: 0971910405

Since the 19th century, the women of Gee’s Bend in southern Alabama have created stunning, vibrant quilts. Beautifully illustrated with 350 color illustrations, 30 black-and-white illustrations, and charts, Gee’s Bend to Rehoboth is being·released in conjunction with a national exhibition tour including The Museum of Fine Art, Houston, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.



The Quilts of Gee's Bend
by John Beardsley, William Arnett, Pauljane Arnett,
Jane Livingston, Alvia Wardlaw (Introduction), Peter Marzio
Tinwood Media
ISBN: 0965376648

Since the 19th century, the women of Gee’s Bend in southern Alabama have created stunning, vibrant quilts. Beautifully illustrated with 110 color illustrations, The Quilts of Gee’s Bend includes a historical overview of the two hundred years of extraordinary quilt-making in this African-American community, its people, and their art-making tradition. This book is being·released in conjunction with a national exhibition tour including The Museum of Fine Art, Houston, the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Museum of Fine Art, Boston, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Milwaukee Art Museum, The High Museum of Art, Atlanta, The Mobile Museum of Art, and The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art.

In addition to "The Quilts of Gee's Bend" and "Gee's Bend: The Women and Their Quilts" books, Tinwood Media has also produced a 28 minute documentary (also titled "The Quilts of Gee's Bend") and a two disc CD titled "How We Got Over: Sacred Songs of Gee's Bend" (spirituals and hymns performed by many of the quiltmakers). Together with the books, the video and the CD give a multi-faceted look at this unique American community and the stunning artwork they have created.


Black Threads: An African American Quilting Sourcebook
by Kyra E. Hicks
McFarland & Company
ISBN: 0786413743

This is the first comprehensive guide to African American quilt history and contemporary practices. It offers over 1,700 bibliographic references, many of them annotated, covering exhibit catalogs, books, Sponsorspapers, magazines, dissertations, films, novels, poetry, speeches, works of art, advertisements, patterns, greeting cards, auction results, ephemeral items, and online resources on African American quilting. The book also includes primary research done by the author on the Internet usage of African American quilters, a listing of over 100 museums with African American–made quilts in their permanent collections, a directory of African American quilting groups in 29 states, and a detailed timeline that covers 200 years of African American quilting and needle arts events.

Kyra E. Hicks is a marketing professional and quilter whose quilts have appeared in over thirty group exhibitions such as the American Craft Museum in New York, the Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C., and the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum in Hartford. She lives in Arlington, Virginia.

Turkish Delights to Applique
by Linda M. Poole
Collector Books
ISBN: 1574327887

Floral inspired block patterns reflect the beauty and artistry of hand-painted Iznik Tiles with a Meditteranean influence

Contains 14 applique block patterns. Colorful fabric selections inspire exotic mix and match bouquets. Assembling and sewing the flowers into units makes for delightful travel projects.

The "Garden of Quilts" gallery of finished blocks and wall hangings, quiltart_sponsors unusual settings, with delightful vases, arched windows, octagon shapes, and scroll-work to frame the exquisite designs.


America from the Heart : Quilters Remember September 11, 2001
by Karey Bresenhan (Editor)
C & T Publishing
ISBN: 1571201459

In the days following September 11, 2001, as the quilters on Quiltart discussed how they were working through their grief with their quilts, Karey Bresenhan, the Director of the Internatonal Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival held each year in Houstin, TX, proposed a spontaneous challenge to the subscribers of Quiltart, along with other online quilters. With only six weeks until Karey's International Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX. With no rules and no jurying, Karey's challenge promised that all quilts made would be shown in Houston. Expecting only 50 or so quilts, 300 quilts arrived in Houston in time for the show! The results are shown in this beautifully moving book.

C&T Publishing and Quilts, Inc. have collaborated to bring you this beautiful book and have pledged that all profits from the book will be donated to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund. These beautiful quilts and the comments from their makers will bring tears to your eyes, because of both the beauty of the quilts and the heartfelt messages they convey.

Fabric Collage Quilts : Using Creative Applique and Embellishments
by Joanne Goldstein
That Patchwork Place
ISBN: 1564772632

Learn a creative approach to making spectacular pictorial quilts that are fast to create and quick to master! Using the wide variety of theme and novelty prints available, you'll discover how to design a fabric picture with fast fusible appliqué, then embellish your quilt canvas with embroidery, silk ribbon, colorful threads, beads, buttons, charms, and much more. Included are: Three step-by-step quilt projects to get you started, plus more than 60 inspiring, full-color photographs Easy techniques for making intricate landscapes, floral bouquets, garden scenes, still lifes, and more "Confidence Builder" exercises sprinkled throughout the book to sharpen your creative skills Joanne Goldstein combines her background in art with her passion for quilting. Her love of fabric and design has resulted in a creative approach to contemporary quiltmaking. Past ownership of a country craft and quilt shop gave her ample opportunity to learn more about her craft. Joanne's work has been published in many quilt magazines and exhibited at several major quilt shows.


Hidden in Plain View:
A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad

by Jacqueline L. Tobin and Raymond G. Dobard, Ph. D.
ISBN: 0385491379

In l993, Jacqueline Tobin visited the Old Market Building in the historic district of Charleston, South Carolina, where local crafts people sell their wares. Amid piles of beautiful handmade quilts, Tobin met African-American quilter Ozella Williams and the two struck up a conversation. With the admonition to "write this down," Williams began to tell a fascinating story that had been handed down from her mother and grandmother before her. As Tobin sat in rapt attention, Williams began to describe how slaves made coded quilts and then used them to navigate their escape on the Underground Railroad. But just as quickly as she started, Williams stopped, informing Tobin that she would learn the rest when she was "ready." During the three years it took for Williams's narrative to unfold--and as the friendship and trust between the two women grew--Tobin enlisted Raymond Dobard, Ph.D., an art history professor and well-known African-American quilter, to help provide the historical context behind what Williams was describing.

Now, based on Williams's oral history and their own research, Tobin and Dobard offer proof that certain quilt patterns, including a prominent one called the Charleston Code, were, in fact, essential tools for escape along the Underground Railroad. And just as astonishing, the authors uncover a sophisticated African-American network that relied not only on the messages contained in quilts but also on those hidden in spirituals and Masonic symbols. All of this suggests that there was an organized African-American slave resistance movement that predated the Abolitionist crusade.

Part adventure and part history, Hidden in Plain View traces the origin of the Charleston Code from Africa to the Carolinas, from the low-country island Gullah peoples to free blacks living in the cities of the North and shows how three people from completely different backgrounds pieced together one amazing American story.



A Communion of the Spirits :
African-American Quilters, Preservers, and Their Stories

by Roland L. Freeman
Rutledge Hill Press
ISBN: 1558534253

This amazing study ranks at the top of any quilt historians booklist, along with "The Quilters" and "A People and Their Quilts". I highly recommend it.

The first national survey of African-American quiltmakers, this book is both a cultural record and a source of heritage. According to Publishers Weekly, "the 300 photographs in this marvelously resonant book bear out Freeman's contention, as does the text." With full color photographs A Communion of Spirits: African-American Quilters, Preservers, and Their Stories is a visual delight, and with captivating stories about the quilts and their makers, it is a historical joy. It is "a striking book that belongs under the Christmas tree (or at the Kwanzaa celebration) of anyone who cares about black culture," says the Washington Post.

A Communion of Spirits begins with author Ronald Freeman's childhood explaining how the young boy once warmed by quilts became the man intrigued and then impassioned with the character of quilts, quiltmakers, and their life stories. Freeman is a highly regarded photodocumentarian whose work has been exhibited worldwide. Over a twenty-year period Freeman traveled across America meeting quilters, mostly women, who include writers Alice Walker, Maya Angelou and Sonia Sanchez, civil-rights activist Rosa Parks and artist Faith Ringgold. And the result is this wonderfully visual book of their quilts and inspiring stories that record African-American heritage.

(The cover quiltart_sponsors a detail of "The Cloisters" by Joan Schulze.)
Quilt 21 2002
96 pages, full color, 51/2" wide x 6" tall, smythe sewn, paperback
$16.95 plus $3 for shipping.

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