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If you are an AOL user and you have been unsubscribed from Quiltart, it is because AOL has reported to Quiltart's ISP that you have reported Quiltart mail as spam. Even if you have NOT done this, if your email has bounced a certain number of times, AOL will automatically treat our mail as spam.

It is imperitive that you check to make sure that you have removed from your AOL "personal blocklist". If they don't email from Quiltart will be automatically reported as spam again, and they will be unsubscribed again.

1. Click Mail in the toolbar at the top of your AOL window
2. Select Block Unwanted Mail
3. Click Custom Sender List
4. Select Allow only the senders and domains listed below
5. Enter this domain:
6. Click Save

Do not forget to click the link in the confirmation message. Otherwise, you will not receive any of our future emails.
If AOL has given you different directions, please email them to me privately and I will change the instructions for the list.

If at all possible, please consider opening a different free email account for your Quiltart mail. Yahoo, Netscape, G-mail
and some of the other free email programs will work much better than AOL. In fact, ANYTHING, at this point, will work better than AOL. Despite repeated attempts to get AOL to help us with this problem, they have been unreponsive.

Our ISP will send you an email when you have been unsubscribed... This is automated, so don't freak out! Either resubscribe following the directions above or find a free email service that you can use and resubscribe with a new address at ..

Also, please complain to AOL about this problem. They are the only ones who can correct it!